Staycations at Riviera Retreat

Why are staycations at Riviera Retreat such a great option for a group?

With recent events such as COVID causing lockdowns, social distancing, flight cancellations and lost deposits, the British appetite for foreign holidays may be dwindling. After Brexit enthusiasm may drop even further.

But staying in a beautiful part of your own country is a brilliant alternative and here’s our top reasons why  staycations make a great vacation at Riviera Retreat!

No more

– long waits, queues, or delays at airports
– mixing at extremely close quarters with other passengers
– risk of being stranded abroad in a foreign lockdown
– risk of being sick or stuck in hospital in a foreign country
– worries about currency exchange fluctuations or commissions

Plus less journey time possibly to your destination (depending where you are coming from!)

And you can

  • take your car and travel in familiar comfort OR travel by train or coach and be car-free
  • stop on the journey to and from your destination wherever and whenever you like
  • self cater and reduce the cost of food/drink on your vacation compared to a hotel
  • organise easier a holiday for a big group of close friends or family
  • holiday together in a safe, self-contained environment.
  • include people who have a fear of flying
  • enjoy all the comforts of home away from home
  • pack a few extra bits like bikes, games and inflatables (and as many shoes as you want!)Even the British weather is getting more reliable and warmer, and certainly in Torquay which enjoys its very own special microclimate meaning more sunny days.
May 14, 2020 Staycations
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