12 reasons to visit Torbay

Why is Torquay (and Torbay) such a great place?

Whether you want to live here, or come for a vacation to Torquay, here are 12 reasons to visit Torbay that show why this is a special place.

If you want even more reasons, see the 21 that were published in Devon Live.

Torbay is one of the best holiday destinations in the country. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists head to the English Riviera to enjoy its unique mix of beach, countryside and visitor attractions.

This collection of stunning photos has been provided by the English Riviera BID Company. The images show the UK’s premier traditional holiday destination in all its glory.

If you’re thinking of a move to Torquay, why not grab some family and friends and come to stay at Riviera Retreat and get to know the area?

April 29, 2024 Torquay and Torbay
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